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In a world-first, Everlasting has created an elevated planter made from sturdy, durable corrugated steel. Forget about placing your herbs, vegetables and other plants into the hard Australian dirt. Soil quality here can be poor but, with one of these elevated beds, your plants will experience the nutrients that they need without you having to do a lot of the hard work. We stock garden beds raised by anything from 29cm to 97cm, meaning that you can now tend your plants without having to bend over all the way down to the ground. You can also have multiple levels and widths, giving you the opportunity to have a functional garden that looks great at the same time. Add onto this the wide variety of tanks that we sell and you have yourself an outdoor system that will encourage your plants to grow and thrive in almost any environment. They will be supplied with high quality soil and the perfect amount of water, providing you with a green, fresh garden from January to December. They are ideal for growing a number of plants from leafy herbs to climbers to salad vegetables, and allow you to vary your garden as you like.

DIY Vegetable Gardens

The great thing about these products is that they are so simple to build. After you have levelled out your land, you will then need to construct the corrugated iron frame. This will take you around twenty minutes and all you need is a single screwdriver! After this, you can then fill the frame with nutrient-rich soil and get to work planting whatever herbs and vegetables you desire. Whether you buy one kit or many, our raised garden beds are a great addition to anyone’s backyard. They even work well in city environments where space may be limited but the green touch is still required. So no matter where you are located, you owe it to yourself to have a look at our selection of elevated planters today. Although we are based in Mulgrave, Victoria we are proud to be able to send our products anywhere around the country. Our freight cost is also very affordable, meaning that you will only have to pay a small amount on top of our already reasonable prices. Browse through our online catalogue or have a look through our terms and conditions for more information on exactly how much you will need to pay.

Fun, Educational and Green

As well as being functional, our products also serve a range of other purposes. If you have a family, these beds are a great way for you to teach your children about how plants seed and grow and can make for a good family-bonding experience. And because there are no sharp edges, you can be sure that little hands will be kept completely safe. Our raised vegetable garden beds are made of corrugated iron that has been smoothed down at the edges, reducing the dangers of cuts and grazes. As well as being educational and fun, these items are also great for the environment. You will not have to dig up any dirt for them to be installed and they are a great way for you to actually improve the soil quality in your area! And, when you combine them with pumps and other water system components, you will create your own self-sufficient garden so that you no longer need to carelessly use up Mother Nature’s resources without reason. If you are interested in growing a wide range of fresh vegetables and herbs on your property, have a look at what we can offer you through our extensive website today.

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