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Poly Tanks


blue poly2

The highest quality UV stable polyethylene - ultra UV (UV20) Polyethylene
Easily fits down the side of the home
Available in a range of colours and sizes
High strength & rigid
Corrosion free
Built to last - one-piece cylindrical construction ensures 'hoop' strength and stability
Genuine 10 year repair or replacement warranty
Industry leading quality control procedures including water fill tests on every tank
100% Australian - Designed, owned, manufactured and operated in Australia


Slimline tanks Dimensions
(Width x Length x Height)
Retail Price
1200 L 565W x 2500L x 1150H $575
2000 L 565W x 2500L x 2000H $665
2000 L 565W x 2400L x 2000H $645
2000 L 680W x 2000L x 2000H $645
2000 L 650W x 2150L x 2000H $749
2000 L Lowline 750W x 2900L x 1200H $679
2000 L UnderDeck 1181Wx 2744L x 797H $840
2000 L UnderDeck 1200Wx 2400L x 825H $840
2300 L 650W x 2230L x 2070H $799
2500 L 800W x 1900L x 2150H $749
2500 L 740W x 2350L x 2010H $799
3000 L 770W x 2900L x 2100H $780
3000 L 700W x 2995L x 2010H $875
3000 L 650W x 2900L x 2100H $949
4000L 905W x 2800L x 2160H $1119
5000 L 1020W x 3100L x 2170H $1420
5000 L 950W x 3230L x 2100H $1599

Available colours


Installation Instruction

1, A reinforced concrete base with a min 100mm thick is required for all poly slimline tank installation.

2, Poly slimline tank can bulge and stretch when the tank is full. To avoid tank break the house wall or push the fence, please keep minimum 100mm gap between the tank and house wall or tank and fence when you install the tank.

please call us on 1300 728 922 or email tony@needarainwatertank.com.au for quotation